Our Tradition

What it Means to be a Legacy Brand


Chartpak prides itself on integrating brands that affect the way we work, the way we learn, and the way we create. The same inspiration that drives the artistic community to explore new and innovative methods of expression also drives the office place to engage in creative business solutions.


Our brands foster this creative process in the enthusiast, student and professional; our products offer a means of transforming conception into creation. Chartpak has a commitment to encourage creativity in every area of our lives. We believe that creative ideas flow from the heart to the mind to the hand. We believe that creativity is our legacy.


Humble Beginnings


Chartpak opened for business in 1949 as a graphics supply manufacturer.  It produced innovations such as the tape method of charting, and colored, transparent and printed tapes for art and drafting. By the early 1960s the Chartpak brand expanded to include the original rub-on letters, films, vinyl graphics, and a wide variety of drafting instruments.


As the years passed, new products continued to enhance Chartpak’s reputation as a progressive innovator in many segments of the trade. As a distinct part of the corporate brand portfolio, Chartpak® branded products began to include the Pickett®, RapiDesign®, and AD Marker® brands. Chartpak became one of the largest and most experienced graphic design companies in the USA. The reputation of the Chartpak brand for quality and leadership has been a standard within the design, drafting, and engineering industries for over 60 years.


As Chartpak diversified its branding and product offering to include fine art materials, fine writing materials, craft and hobby products, and office products, president Steven W. Roth positioned Chartpak, Inc. to become a globally recognized, premier creative products enterprise. Today, Chartpak has an established portfolio of 14 brands with 60 product lines that span 17 distinct categories of art materials, fine writing, craft & hobby and office products, many of which are made in the USA or Europe.


While Chartpak products have been used in the fabric of American creativity from the likes of Norman Rockwell to NASA, our brands have humble roots. Nearly all of the brands Chartpak has incorporated into its family have started as passionate ideas of artists and innovators and have become household names such as Grumbacher®, Higgins®, and Koh-I-Noor® products known for their quality and performance, products designed with the artist in mind.  With this common thread, Chartpak continues to expand its family of legacy brands.


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Grumbacher Brushes - 1950s