Urban Fine Art Materials

German leaders in innovative paint, Molotow® began creating paint for the urban fine art market in the 1990s using advanced technology developed from the automotive industry.  Today, Chartpak® brings this high-end urban fine art paint to North America.


The ONE4ALL® high solid paint marker series is as unique as versatile. It consists of technologically sophisticated markers in six sizes and a unique acrylic-based hybrid-paint that works on almost every surface. All markers are refillable with ONE4ALL® refills and the tips can be exchanged easily. This marker and paint system is the missing link between spray can, airbrush, marker and paint brush.


The line of Urban Fine Art Sprays match many of the colors of the marker.  The spray and nozzle technology allow for varied spray widths, while the pigmented acrylic paint, neon paint and chalk paints offer artists a wide range of colors that can be used in conjunction with the ONE4ALL® marker system.

The Molotow Product Line - North America

ONE4ALL® Acrylic Pump Markers
Innovative Hybrid paint, offers a high flow pigmented acrylic color in a patented capillary pump marker. Refillable, Mixable, and Nib Exchangable, the One4All line comes in 6 sizes PLUS the unique 60ml Masterpiece size.
Urban Fine Art® Sprays
High-end urban fine art sprays are pigmented and UV resistant for indoor/outdoor use and come in acrylic standard and neon colors, chalks, varnishes and primers.
GRAFX® Masking Pens
High flow, quick drying masking fluid allows for detailed line work in this patented capillary pump marker.
GRAFX® Aqua Inks
Brilliant water-based inks in a flexible brush nib with patented pump system, and in a twin tip marker with a chisel nib on one end and a brush tip on the other. Both markers styles are refillable.
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