Office Products and Labels

Maco has been providing quality products to the business community since 1916. From address and all purpose labels to bright fluorescents, MACO has a wide selection of products to fit every need. Maco offers laser and ink jet printer label and card products, a large assortment of multi-purpose labels and a wide variety of tag products.


In 2007 Chartpak acquired Maco and brought it into its family of legacy brands to support the office products channel.  Moving production from Mexico to its plant in Leeds, Massachusetts, the Maco brand has incorporated the latest technologies in paper and adhesive manufacturing. Chartpak has expanded the Maco line to include environmentally conscious products such as the tree-less SugarCane label line, and innovations such as dissolvable labels. 

The Maco Product Line

A large range of recycled, dissolvable, and traditional adhesive labels for printers and manual use.
Tags & Tickets
Tags for shipping, merchandising and inventory as well as raffle roll tickets.
A range of business cards and post cards for office printers.
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