Aged Korean Watercolors

Minjin Seo, South Korean artist and CEO of Mijello, designed and patented a wide range of unique and innovative artists' palettes and her signature watercolor, Mission Gold under the Mijello line of products. 


She began creating the world class Mijello palettes with the leak-proof and airtight Fusion watercolor palette, and later explored the usefulness of silver nanoparticles in prohibiting bacterial growth, eventually introducing the revolutionary Silver Nano Watercolor Palette.  Mijello™ then developed the ground-breaking Peel-Off palettes, which boast a unique, non-porous surface that quickly and cleanly releases dried paints without the need for scraping.  Ms. Seo’s unparalleled inventions then grew to include the most useful and successful product of its kind, the multi-use Artist Water Bucket.

Mijello™ introduced Mission Gold Watercolors to the Korean and U.S. markets in 2012. These handmade, richly pigmented colors are combined with a special dispersant and aged in Korean pots to achieve maximum brilliance without artificial thickening agents.  This aggregate of elements gives superior brilliance, coverage and consistency of flow to Mission Gold Watercolors over any other watercolor available on the market today.


In 2018 Mijello and Chartpak entered a partnership that brought this brand of innovative watercolor products under exclusive North American Distrubtion from Martin F. Weber to the Chartpak family of brands.  Chartpak now offers both Weber and Mijello products to artists across the US and Canada.

The Mijello Product Line - North America

Mission Gold Watercolor
Highly pigmented and naturally aged colors are extremely saturated watercolor
Mijello Palettes
A wide range of artist palettes with innovative features
Accessories for the watercolor artist
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