American Made Manual Design Products

Chartpak has been a graphic design supply manufacturer since 1949, and continues to be one of the leading suppliers of tapes, templates, stencils, transfer and vinyl lettering, and manual design tools.  We manufacture the majority of our products in our plants in Massachusetts.  To read more about our history click here

The Chartpak Branded Product Line

Rapidesign Templates
Professional grade engineering and drafting templates
Pickett Templates & Tools
Professional grade drafting and engineering template and tools such as protractors, scales and t-squares.
Stencils for paints and markers.
Dry Transfer Letters
The original Rub-On-Letters
Vinyl Letters
Self adhesive vinyl letters
Graphic tapes in vinyl and crepe
Print Media
DAF and Best Print adhesive paper
Drafting tools such as cutting mats, expandable tubes and burnishers.
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