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Created in 1974, AD® Marker was one of many in the long line of solvent-based markers used for advertising, fashion and conceptual illustration from the 1950s - 1980s.  The brilliant colored, transparent marker strokes are a classic feature of this era of illustration.  Today, AD® Marker is the top of its class for Art and Design. The AD® Marker laydown, ink capacity, and special effects are truly unique. It's no wonder why many artists say, "There are markers, and then there are AD® Markers!"

The newest member of the AD® Marker family is the double-ended Spectra AD® Marker introduced to the marketplace in 2016. It features 95 colors and a blender, all with a mini tri-nib on one end and a flexible brush tip on the other. They are a perfect complement to the AD® Marker line.

The AD Marker Product Line

Marker Paper
Marker Paper for All Marker Types
Spectra AD® Marker
Double ended Markers with a tri-nib on one end and a flexible brush nib on the other end.
Tri-Nib AD® Marker
The original tri-nib marker with three line widths in one nib.
Fine Point AD® Marker
The classic formula with a bullet point nib.
Transfer AD® Marker
Also known as the Blender, this colorless marker transfers photocopied or laser printed images.
Wood Crafting Markers
For touching up wood toned furniture and frames, and staining wood crafting projects.
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